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Plan, Produce, and Profit Workshop Series - A series of workshops designed to help participants learn how to produce food products for the local food system. Workshop participants will learn how to produce commercial food products in our local food systems. Those attending the first and second workshops will explore the process of taking a product from concept to the commercial market as well as the fundamentals of starting a food processing business. Participants in the third workshop will be selected on a competitive basis from previous workshop attendees and will receive assistance from the personnel and use of the facilities at Arkansas Food Innovation Center in commercializing their product.

For more information on the workshops visit our website at http://afic.uark.edu/training.html .


  • Workshop 2:Guide to Starting a Food Processing Business - February 21, 2015
  • Workshop 3: Starting Your Food Processing Business - April - June, 2015

Baking and Coating Substitutes for Frying Foods
It looks, feels and tastes fried, but a baked coating developed by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture may one day allow consumers to enjoy their favorites without all the guilt, fat and calories. [article]

Listen as Dr. Andy Proctor and Honors Student Sarah Mayfield present her work using CLA-enriched soy oil to create a healthier alternative to chocolate currently available on the market.


Graduate Student Aims to Change How Human Norovirus Is Studied
Human norovirus is the number one cause of foodborne illness in the United States, accounting for 58 percent of cases. The virus is also known as gastroenteritis and commonly called the stomach flu, and there is currently no treatment available for those infected. However, Sabastine Arthur, graduate student in cell and molecular biology, wants to change that. [article]          

Food Science & Technology CDE Workbook
Download the 2015 FDSC & Technology Workbook to prepare for the state contest to be held on April 17, 2015.








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