Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

FDSC 5001 Seminar (FA, SP): Open to all FDSC graduate students.

FDSC 509V Special Problems Research (1-4) (FA, SP, SU): Original investigation on assigned problems in food science.

FDSC 5223 Food Biosecurity (IR):
This course is the study of the security of agricultural products and the protection of our food supply from intentional and accidental, domestic and international contamination.

FDSC 5503 Safety and Sanitation for the Food Industry (IR):
This web-based course will provide an appreciation of the need for sanitation in food processing and increase the students’ knowledge of sanitary techniques. Topics will include contamination sources, plant and equipment design, cleaners and sanitizers, HACCP, and food biosecurity. Also covered will be considerations in selecting, establishing and maintaining a sanitation program.

FDSC 602V Special Topics (1-3) (IR):
Discussion and advanced studies of selected topics in the fields of raw product physiology and food processing. May be taken for multiple credit. Prerequisite: graduate standing and consent.

FDSC 6033 Food Biochemistry (SP, Even Years):
Biochemical characteristics, functions, regulation, and impact of components in raw and processed foods of plant origin. Prerequisite: CHEM 3813.

FDSC 6123 Food Carbohydrate Chemistry (SP, Odd Years):
Focus is on carbohydrate chemistry including molecular structures and physical properties, production and food applications, analytical methods for food carbohydrates, and interactions among food polysaccharides. Prerequisite: FDSC 4304.

FDSC 6133 Food Lipid Chemistry (FA, Even Years):
Chemistry and technology of commercial fats and oils in food systems with discussion of lipid changes affecting food quality and human health. Prerequisites: FDSC 4304 and FDSC 4114.

FDSC 6143 Advanced Food Processing and Packaging and their Environmental Impact (SP, Even Years):
The course is directed to graduate students in food science and related fields. Students will learn advanced food processing technologies and packaging as well as the environmental issues associated to food production, processing, and distribution. Prerequisites: FDSC 3103 or equivalent, or food processing/engineering background with knowledge of basic food processing operations.

FDSC 6323 Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (SP, Even Years):
Course will include past, present and future of nutraceuticals and functional foods, chemistry, mechanism, novel technologies, nutrigenomics, processing, healthy lifestyle, regulation, safety, marketing, international aspects, and industry project. Prerequisites: CHEM 2613 (or CHEM 3603) and CHEM 3813 and FDSC 4304 or instructor consent.

FDSC 6333 Food Protein Chemistry & Functionality (SP, Odd Years):
Advanced food protein chemistry, including molecular structures, characterization, physicochemical bases of food protein functionality, structure-function relationship, processing technologies to improve functionality, as well as hands-on experiences with timely, practical projects related to food proteins. Prerequisite: FDSC 4304.

FDSC 6403 Epidemiological Principles in Food Safety and Public Health (Fall, Odd Years): This course will provide an introduction to epidemiologic methods used in foodborne disease outbreak investigations. The importance of surveillance systems in detecting outbreaks and in the development of effective disease prevention and control strategies will also be presented. An emphasis will be placed on understanding the relationships between the host, the etiologic agent, and the environment as they relate to disease causation. In addition, molecular methods utilized for the identification of etiologic agents will be discussed. Selected important foodborne diseases will be discussed in detail to clarify the role of epidemiology in understanding the pathogenesis of infectious processes in individuals and communities. Pre-requisite: FDSC 4122 or equivalent.